Welcome to The Dinoland – the Park of Dinosaurs and Amusement in Inwałd. It is a special place, where you can step back in time and have an extraordinary journey into the Mesozoic era. All thanks to the most representative species of the world of dinosaurs. And this is how you can see the dangerous T.Rex close up, the chicken-size Compsognathus or the Mamenchisaurus, which invites the Visitors to the Beach. It is the only collection of dinosaurs in Europe, originating from the United States. Amazing creatures are not the only attractions of the Dinoland. Everyone will find something for themselves – resting in the shade of reed umbrellas, playing mini-golf or wandering through the winding corridors of the Cave of Mysteries. We also invite you to the T.Rextaurant located in the Dinoland and a few other food courts, and to visit the souvenir shop. These are only some of ideas for spending leisure time. There are still many mysteries to discover.