Pottery workshops introduce children into one of the most popular medieval professions. Products from the potter’s hut could be found among the residents of the castle grounds, but also on the royal table. During the classes, children create their own clay dishes, and the guide touches upon a lot of interesting issues about the potter’s products, processing techniques or firing dishes in the oven. The time spent at the workshops will certainly bring participants closer to efforts of this medieval profession.

As a souvenir, each participant will get a diploma of the Discoverer of Mists of Time.

The duration of the program: 1 hour
Cost: entry ticket to the Inwałd Fortress + 10,00 zł per person
Additional option: pgrilling sausages at the bonfire – 7,00 zł per person

Information and booking:
tel: 696 080 944, 33 875 73 20
e-mail: info@parkminiatur.com