In the world of knights, princesses and dragons…

A birthday party for children in the medieval style,
at the foot of the castle, in the presence of fire-breathing
but funny dragons is an idea that will delight everyone!

The cost of birthday organization : 30 zł/person

Attractions included in the price:

The Priceless impressions and smile on children’s faces!

Menu – the option available for the additional fee

Kinder Pack I
(Chicken nuggets, twisters – tight twisted fries, a souvenir)
15,50 zł
Kinder Pack II
(fries, hamburger, souvenir)
14,50 zł
Campfire/Barbecue – grilling sausage
7,00 zł/
Birthday Cake
(can be provided by oneself)
50,00 zł/kg
Non-alcoholic champagne
(can be provided by oneself)
15,00 zł

Caution! The offer is valid from April to October

The minimum number of attendees is 5 children.

Birthday parties are organized for children aged 4 or more.

If there are children under 4 in the group of guests, please provide them with care of parents/caretakers.

After the birthday, children can spend the remaining time in the Medieval Fortress under the care of parents/caretakers (ticket price – PLN 20.00/person)

The entry for the jubilarian – free of charge

The entry for one parent/caretaker (during the birthday party) – free of charge