Inwałd Park – Live it up!

Inwałd Park is a place where miracles happen and time goes by at its own pace. Only here you can see Paris, give a T. Rex a high five, get to know medieval customs, or wander through alleys resembling flowery paintings. All this is located in Inwałd, a picturesque village located by the trunk road No. 52, on the Kraków-Cieszyn route.

Inwałd Park is a complex of 4 theme Parks that offer unique fun and the pocketful of surprises. A visit to the Park of Miniatures, the Dinoland, the Inwałd Fortress and the Garden of John Paul II are waiting for the Visitors, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of attractions located in individual Parks, and there are over 70 of them! The ticket is valid for two consecutive days. A visit to each of the Parks is a guarantee of ultimate experience.

In Inwałd Park you can see the whole world. All you need to do is to visit the Park of Miniatures. It is the perfect place to visit the most important buildings of Poland and the Planet within just a few hours. You do not need a passport, we don’t have to travel by plane or by train, all you need is to walk through the alleys of the Park. And so in one place there is the Eiffel Tower, Moai figures, the Brandenburg Gate, the Great Wall of China, the Sphinx or the National Stadium in Warsaw. Most of the miniatures are made in 1:15 scale, and the Venetian complex – St. Mark’s Square, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Campanile – in 1:10 scale.

In the Park of Miniatures, there is a big amusement park with attractions addressed to both younger children and to adults. The Ferris wheel is a perfect vantage point. You can get a bird’s eye view of the miniatures, the immense landscape of Beskid Mały and the hill, the peak of which is decorated with the Medieval Fortress. There are many attractions waiting for those, who are yearning for thrills: Egypt Horror Show, in which brave daredevils await Egyptian ghosts and mummified characters, Cinema 5D and an unforgettable trip to the interior of the abandoned mine, the raging-up-and-down Pirate Boat. If you want to see replicas of treasures of one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs, we invite you to the Pyramid of Tutankhamun.

In the next Park, Dinoland, it is very easy to go over to the Mesozoic era. An impressive collection of predators and herbivorous creatures is awaiting you. And this is how you can see the dangerous T.Rex close up, the chicken-size Compsognathus or the Mamenchisaurus, which invites the Visitors to the Beach. Amazing creatures are only a part of the Dinoland’s attractions. Everyone will find something for their liking – rest in the shade of reed umbrellas, playing mini-golf or walking through the winding corridors of the Cave of Mysteries.

On the spot, there are many attractions that will while away the hours to the Visitors. More active people can try their hand at the Climbing Wall or the Dinobases. Those who like peace will discover the charms of mini-golf. The greatest number of attractions is awaiting Kids. It takes all kinds. You can enjoy an unforgettable ride on the Pirate train, “take a bath” in the Ball Pool, spin within the Gyroscope, get off the ground with the Euro Bungee, and even walk on water… How is that possible? All you need is brightness, a big ball and a ball pool… It’s best to see it by yourself.

After visiting the Dinoland, it’s time for another Park. On the stony hill In Inwałd, surrounded by wooden bales, a medieval castle town occupying the area of 2.5 thousand m2 has been built. Crossing its threshold you step back in time to the fifteenth century. The stony path leads to the courtyard of the medieval fortress, which hides unusual mysteries: a medieval settlement, an armory, a torture chamber or the Park of Moving Dragons.

There are craftsman’s huts for those, who are lovers of medieval times, in which you can watch and taste the charms of primeval life: you can forge something at the blacksmith’s, make a rope in the ropemaker’s hut, make a pot or weave a selvage at the weaver’s. And after medieval handicrafts, listen to the singing of a fire-breathing, friendly dragon. For those persistent, billiards, bowling, archery, barrel carousel are also awaiting. And all around in the fifteenth-century style.

From the Fortress we are moving onto the most flowerful place on the map of Inwałd, which is the Garden of John Paul II. Over twenty thousand trees, shrubs and flowers create a unique image – a portrait of the Polish Pope surrounded by the Basilica of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wadowice and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Wandering through the alleys of the Garden, whose length is up to 8 km, will allow you to admire the individual elements of the whole painting, but also to see photos showing the way to holiness of the Polish Pope, or to learn about the powerful stories of his life. The Garden has been created for all, who want to know the life and the way to the holiness of the Polish Pope. This place fills an important role in the development of education and culture and as the source of knowledge and inspiration – the “living museum” of John Paul II.

Inwałd Park is a place where many places to discover are awaiting. Appropriate planning of your stay will allow you to visit all Parks and to enjoy the prepared attractions. There is a possibility of walking between the parks. That’s why you can go back to particularly popular places. It all depends on the visitors.

You are welcome.